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FTI Consulting is a business advisory firm headquartered in Washington, DC. The company specializes in the fields of corporate finance and restructuring, economic consulting, forensic and litigation consulting, strategic communications and technology. Founded as Forensic Technologies International Ltd in 1982, FTI Consulting employs more than 4,600 staff in 28 countries. The firm was involved in the Lehman Brothers and General Motors bankruptcies, the investigation into the Bernard Madoff fraud, Bush v. Gore, and the Major League Baseball steroid investigation. As of September 2011, FTI Consulting had the largest restructuring business in the U.S. In 2009, FTI Consulting was listed by Fortune as one of the 100 fastest growing U.S. companies. Forensic Technologies International was founded in 1982 by two engineers, Joseph Reynolds and Daniel Luczak, to provide expert witnesses for litigation and provide visual presentations to demonstrate complex technical issues for juries. Luczak later served as FTIs chairman from 1992 to 1998. The company went public in May 1996, raising $11.1 million and debuting at $8.50 a share. It was one of the first litigation support companies to be publicly traded.

Highest paying job titles at FTI Consulting, Inc include Director of Corporate Finance, Director of Data & Analytics, and Chief Financial Officer


Market Cap$4.3 billion
Revenue$1.9 billion
5 Year Trend+7.6%
Net Income$163.3 million
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Director of Corporate Finance



Average Salary:$185,429

Director of Data & Analytics



Average Salary:$180,556

Chief Financial Officer



Average Salary:$185,000

Director of Accounting



Average Salary:$225,000

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