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FreeWave Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1993 and is a B2B company based in Boulder, Colorado, where it manufactures and designs industrial, secure machine-to-machine wireless networking and communications solutions. Its wireless solutions are utilized in industrial, government and defense, scientific, and commercial applications. The U.S. Army is one of its biggest customers.[citation needed] FreeWave partners with leaders in oil and gas, utilities, electric power/smart grid and many other industries. FreeWave radios support a variety of industrial applications, such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), wireless I/O, cathodic protection (CP) and remote monitoring.[citation needed] The company also conducts network design, path studies, and pre-installation engineering services to ensure reliable, error free data-flow under any condition and in all environments.[citation needed] FreeWave Technologies was founded in August 1993 by Jonathan Sawyer and Steve Wulchin. From the beginning, Sawyer and Wulchin aimed to help customers transmit mission critical data via secure, highly reliable licensed and license-free spread spectrum radios. FreeWave has manufactured all of its radios in Boulder, Colorado since the first radio was shipped in 1994. In June 2007, TA Associates led a $113 million investment in FreeWave Technologies. Its largest markets are oil & gas and government & defense (military). In June 2007, TA Associates led a $113 million investment in FreeWave Technologies. FreeWave also began to increase its focus on the utilities markets in 2009 – 2010 with its M2M technology and has continued to increase its presence in the electric power and water/wastewater industries.[citation needed] Today, FreeWave Technologies has more than 800,000 industrial radios and embedded modules in the field.[citation needed] FreeWaves wireless M2M solutions are used across many industries including oil and gas, military, precision agriculture, golf, water/wastewater and more. For instance, FreeWave radios are used by energy companies to maximize production and reduce operating costs, for mission critical applications within the military, and for environmental monitoring to provide warning of impending natural disasters such as volcanoes.

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