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Jul 30, 10:41 AM

Today is the International Day of Friendship! Take a moment to celebrate the special friends in your hearts and homes.

Jul 27, 11:15 AM

Considering buying a home for the first time? It can be intimidating, but were here to help! Check out our helpful tips for first time buyers at

Jul 27, 4:30 AM

Here are three benefits of homeownership. - Your monthly rent is now an investment as your equity grows each month - You can decorate and renovate the way you want - Its fun to turn the speakers up to 11 and jam out all summer long!

Jul 24, 11:06 AM

Plan to enjoy your very own patio paradise this summer with these three tips: - Create a natural environment - Have comfy chairs - Candles, Candles, and more Candles!

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