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Jul 31, 11:48 AM

The day has come where some people consider online shopping good for your health. That''s not the only trend we''re tracking! From purple food nutrition to watermelon seeds and pickle juice soda, check out the 10 Things You Should Know for the month of July! Link in bio. #ube #purpleyam #flavor #10things

Jul 24, 9:30 AM

Its preparation is a labor of love and were seeing it in everything from savory dishes and spreads to breakfast toast. Black garlic is known for an earthy, umami-packed flavor that is more subdued than raw garlic thanks to a month-long fermentation process. Lets take a look at black garlic, and where it is appearing in new products and menu items. Link in bio! #blackgarlic #flavor

Jul 19, 8:49 AM

Much like clean label, health and wellness is much more than just a trend. Its a movement, piquing the interest of every consumer segment. More and more, functional ingredients play perfectly into this environment. From the snack food aisle to top-tier restaurants, ingredients with function are everywhere. Lets take a look at some of these hot ingredients heating up the palates and pocketbooks of consumers. Link in bio! #wintercherry #ashwagandha #flavor #fonablog

Jul 10, 3:01 PM

A dark, tart cousin of the gooseberry, black currant is a small berry rich in vitamin-C and anti-inflammatory polyphenols. Typically used in jams, syrups, and liqueurs, were spotting it in products like porridge, compote and brownies! For more black currant inspiration check out our latest flavor insight on the blog. Link in bio. #blackcurrant #flavor #fonablog