Project Leadership Associates

Project Leadership Associates

Project Leadership Associates

Jul 28, 5:30 PM

Want this Xbox One to be YOURS? All you have to do is stop by our Booth 807 on Wednesday of #ILTACON to enter our raffle & you''ll be one step closer to taking this baby home with you. :) #xboxone #FlexManage #legaltech #Vegas #raffle

Jul 27, 2:50 PM

#ThrowbackThursday to #MSInpspire, a time when Daniel''s pocket square was displayed proudly and on point. #flawless #flexmanage #dontmesswithhispocketsquare

Jul 26, 0:41 PM

Doing great work is Step 1. But Step 2 is making sure that we mentor others, share our knowledge, and empower today''s young people to pursue their passions for IT and technology. So shoutout to FlexManage''s Blake Wehlage, our National Service Desk Manager, for volunteering as a guest teacher for @yearupchicago''s students in IT Helpdesk. He showed them what a ""day in the life"" looks like, how to offer the absolute best service to your customers, and why working as a help desk representative can be tons of fun when you have a great team behind you. #spreadknowledge #inspireothers #youngminds #teachersofinstagram #FlexManage #FlexFolks @yearup

Jul 19, 8:05 PM

""Our biggest differentiator that we have here at FlexManage is you - our people. It''s our passion and our dedication to our clients."" - Daniel Gold, practice director of Managed Services at #FlexManage. #culture #peoplefirst #Goldism #managedservices #letflexmanagehandleit