Feb 23, 7:00 PM

Tim McClung recently organized a LabVIEW User Group programming software event on Fike Blue Springs campus this month. If you or someone you know is in programming and looking for a group to share stories and ideas with, check out their National Instruments KC User Group Forums page!

Feb 10, 5:00 PM

Congratulations to Fikes WellnessWorks program for being recognized as a finalist for Kansas City Business Journal's Healthiest Employer for 2017. Fike will continue to strive toward a healthy and vibrant workforce. Thank you to all the WellnessWorks Ambassadors for their continued efforts into making the WellnessWorks program what it is.

Jan 27, 9:48 PM

Congratulations Fike Blue Springs Combustion Testing Lab on their successful 2016. They completed 1,263 tests on 730 samples, nearly 200 more tests than the previous year. Keep up the good work!

Jan 13, 6:18 PM

#RedFriday at Fike! Go Chiefs, beat the Steelers!