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Jul 31, 6:28 PM

Quick Monday Message: Follow us on all of our social media platforms and check out www.fennerdrives.com to get the latest and greatest information about Fenner Drives! https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/58680/admin/updates/ twitter.com/FennerDrives https://www.facebook.com/fennerdrives.hpc/ https://plus.google.com/u/0/111128324798214263329

Jul 27, 1:59 PM

Thanks to our Grins N Giggles Committee for organizing an Employee Appreciation Luncheon at Fenner Drives. It was a great day for everyone from the Fenner family to get together and chat while enjoying cheesesteaks, fries and ice cream!

Jul 21, 0:03 PM

HEAT WAVE ALERT! Are you finding yourself stuck on a sweltering roof changing an air conditioner belt during the hottest days of the summer? With PowerTwist V Belts from Fenner Drives, you'll cut your install time by 75%! Still need more convincing? How about reduced labor costs and increased unit efficiency! What are you waiting for? Head over to http://qoo.ly/gijtc TODAY!

Jul 20, 3:48 PM

Fenner Drives manufactures problem-solving, custom pulley that simplifies installation for customer in the fitness industry. Fenner Drives developed a new pulley that eliminates a step in production by providing the customer a complete assembly with the pulley over-molded onto the shaft. Fenner Drives offers custom insertion molding and engineering services designed to help customers solve problems. Fenner Drives provides PowerMax pulleys and has carved out a solid reputation for customized solutions. Check out our PowerMax Pulley Bi-fold for our problem-solving solutions. For more information: http://qoo.ly/ghxwm

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