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Florida East Coast Industries (FECI) is Florida’s oldest and largest commercial real estate, transportation, and infrastructure holding company. Based in Coral Gables, Florida, FECI is the direct lineal descendant of the various companies founded by pioneering American businessman Henry M. Flagler. FECI today is the parent company of three distinct businesses: FECI was purchased in 2007 by equity funds managed by Fortress Investment Group, LLC. Although Florida East Coast Railway at one time fell under the FECI umbrella, it is now a completely separate corporate entity also owned by Fortress. Although FECI did not exist as a corporate entity until 2006, the company’s origins date back to December 31, 1888 when Henry Flagler purchased the Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Halifax River Railway. in 1892, Flagler formally merged and incorporated that rail line and a number of additional small railway operations he had purchased, changing the name to the Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Indian River Railway Company. This name change also reflected the extension of rail system south along the east coast of Florida. Convinced of the region’s tourism potential, Flagler began laying a network of tracks and depots further and further south, which helped spur the development of the entire east coast of Florida. His rail empire would eventually stretch from Jacksonville to Key West.

Jobs at Florida East Coast Industries Inc
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