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FalconStor Software provides data protection and storage virtualization computer software. FalconStor was co-founded in 2000 in New York by Computer Associates veterans ReiJane Huai and Wayne Lam. In 2007 the company started a joint-venture with the Chinese Academy of Sciences for the Blue Whale file system. The joint venture was named Tianjin Zhongke Blue Whale Information Technologies Company, located in Tianjin, China.[citation needed] FalconStor was listed at #5 in the Forbes 2008 list of 25 fastest growing technology companies. In August 2009, FalconStor, in a joint-venture with Nexsan to create the co-branded DeDupe SG. In 2011 CRN added FalconStor to their List of 25 “Need to Know: Storage Vendors”. In 2012, the company has agreed to pay $5.8 US million as part as a federal investigation settlement, after it has admitted that its employees gave more than $300,000 in bribes to executives at JPMorgan Chase with restricted stock shares and golf memberships in exchange for contracts. The company was further charged with falsifying its corporate books and records associated with the bribery.