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FaberNovel (/f??b??rno?'v?l/) is a company founded in 2003 by Stéphane Distinguin, with offices in Paris, San Francisco, Moscow, Lisbon and Toulouse. The agency conceives, designs, and executes digital initiatives for large companies, organizations and government agencies. Notable examples include the official RATP mobile app for the Parisian metro system, the inaugural AT&T DevLab developer conference, the Le 17 innovation showroom for Suez Environnement, digital strategy development for Toys "R" Us, self-driving vehicle app specifications for The Earth Institute Program on Sustainable Mobility, and a variety of projects for L'Oréal. It is also known for establishing and working with entrepreneurial communities such as coworking spaces and startup incubators. It has collaborated closely with and maintains strong connections to such organizations as Cap Digital, Silicon Sentier, La Cantine, and Le Camping.