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EyeVerify, Inc. is a biometric security technology company based in Kansas City, Missouri. Its chief product, Eyeprint ID, provides verification using eye veins and other micro-features in and around the eye. Images of the human eye are used to authenticate mobile device users. EyeVerify licenses its software for use in mobile banking applications, such as those offered by Tangerine Bank, NCR/Digital Insight and Wells Fargo. EyeVerify is part of the Kansas City Crossroads neighborhood alongside several other tech companies. EyeVerifys flagship product is Eyeprint ID, a system that authenticates users by recognizing patterns of blood vessels that are visible in the sclera, the whites of the eyes, as well as other eye-based micro-features. An independent assessment by iBeta determined that Eyeprint ID meets the requirements for inclusion as a built-in subsystem in an Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substance (EPCS) Application.

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