Aug 30, 9:18 AM

Our Best Lensmeter Yet! We just launched a new version of the Netrometer app that includes Live View for Progressives and Bifocals as well as improvements for the Smart Stage on those modes. Now you can watch measurements from the lensometer change in real-time as the eyeglasses move. The new see-through interface lets you capture measurements in the precise location you want. This setting is ideal for inspecting eyeglasses and troubleshooting complaints on the lens design. To update, simply connect the phone to WI-FI, open the Play Store, search for EyeNetra and download the latest. Let us know if you have any questions!

Aug 28, 10:50 AM

Join the Revolution! Vision exams should be everywhere!

Aug 23, 3:22 PM

An auto-refractor, an auto-lensometer, and a handheld phoropter: All in the same bag. Good to go anywhere you want.

Aug 19, 1:03 PM

Get to know the most portable auto-lensometer yet https://store.eyenetra.com/products/netrometer-smartphone-lensometry-streamlined