Oct 16, 1:28 PM

We're excited to welcome @imedicware to the ECL family! Not only does this partnership enable us to offer the best ASC solution in the industry, but we have also announced that Arun Kapur, founder and CEO of iMedicware, will lead our technology division across Eye Care Leaders. We look forward to the same level of excellence and customer-centric focus that Arun has brought to iMedicware! http://bit.ly/2yrCJj8

Oct 13, 1:00 PM

Happy Friday! We're all a little more relaxed on Fridays...which can lead to less work output. Here are some easy ways from @lifehackorg to make your Friday a little more productive http://bit.ly/1nURyOE

Oct 6, 6:18 PM

It's a wrap! Our ace editorial team reports they've just sent the Fall 2017 issue to the printer. It should hit your mailboxes in about 3 weeks. Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek.

Oct 5, 4:54 PM

Happy #EyeInjuryPrevention Month! Our tip today comes from Medscape and Nature. Plants in the Euphorbia genus, like poinsettia and certain cacti produce toxic sap that can burn the eyes. To prevent injury: know the plants you're working with, wear gloves, wash hands before touching your eyes, and educate your kids about these plants.