Mar 2, 11:10 PM

According to one of the worlds most well-known marketers, a money-back guarantee is only the SECOND-most persuasive reason clients buy. Whats the first one? http://ow.ly/4kfk309r6T6

Feb 27, 7:05 PM

From the clicks of the horse carriage to clicks on mobile, this is the fascinating story of the customer in-shop experience! http://ow.ly/Twom309ciE2

Feb 24, 9:40 PM

An analysis of over 400 referral programs, revealed to us theres almost a 1:1 ratio on Facebook between customer advocates sharing your brand and friends clicking through to your website. SO what you need to know to win with referral marketing on Facebook? We've broken it down for you here. https://www.extole.com/blog/how-to-nail-referrals-on-facebook/

Feb 24, 3:10 PM

Is your homepage inviting people in or turning them away? http://ow.ly/ScqG309ciND