Feb 22, 9:01 PM

Meet EJ as a business analyst at our headquarters in Reston, VA, he plays a critical role in managing our products as well as contributing to the sales process and proposals. EJ gives the following advice for college seniors Every day you will face new obstacles; so be sure that at the end of the day you hit the reset button and come in the next day hungry, and ready for any challenge. Fun Fact: EJ owns over 50 pairs of sneakers! #WeAreExcelacom

Jan 17, 2:25 PM

This #smartbillboard recognizes when smokers walk by, and it will even start coughing! CNN http://cnnmon.ie/2jfYECp

Dec 23, 2:52 PM

Happy Holidays from all of us at Excelacom!

Nov 24, 9:52 PM

Happy Thanksgiving, from our Excelacom family to yours.

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