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Dec 30, 1:26 PM

FLIR Systems Selects ExaGrid Target-Side Appliances for Global Backup Storage Reliability ExaGrid gives me the reliability I need, which results in confidence in my work. I used to wake up in the morning afraid to check my email for my first two years in this role. - Carl Chipman Mgr. of Servers and Storage Read Success Story: http://www.exagrid.com/wp-content/uploads/ExaGrid-FLIR-Customer-Success-Story.pdf

Dec 14, 4:55 PM

Saint Michaels College Selects ExaGrid and Veeam for Reliable Backup Storage / Cost Savings We now have tighter integration, more reliable backups and save a ton on consulting costs. It all ties back to ExaGrid, because without ExaGrid and their support, I dont think wed be nearly as successful as we are. - Shawn Umansky Network Engineer Read Success Story: http://www.exagrid.com/wp-content/uploads/ExaGrid-Saint-Michaels-College-Customer-Success-Story.pdf

Dec 7, 5:56 PM

Data Deduplication negatively impacts backup performance, backup windows, reboots, restores, and offsite tape copies. Most people consider data deduplication a required backup technology and it is because it saves disk space and storage costs. But it negatively impacts everything in backup due to the fact that it is highly compute intensive. Yes it saves storage, but is slows down everything else. After 10 years since it has become popular, organizations are still struggling with data deduplication. All deduplication approaches save storage and WAN bandwidth, to a degree, but that is where it begins and ends Reading the link below (PDF) will make you an expert on all the pros and cons of deduplication so you make the best informed decision for your backup performance, restore and VM boot performance as well as storage savings. There is no information form to fill out. Just click and read! http://www.exagrid.com/exagrid-products/data-deduplication-not-created-equal/disk-backup-deduplication-qa/ After reading the Q&A, if you have questions or would like a consultation, you can reach us at info@exagrid.com.

Dec 2, 3:31 PM

Northeast Bank Selects ExaGrid and Veeam for Long-Term Backup Solution The product has delivered a worry-free experience, it provides simplicity yet still allows for powerful, granular control. It can be managed through a friendly web interface with robust reporting and detailed metrics." - Justin Kim Senior System Engineer Read success story: http://www.exagrid.com/wp-content/uploads/ExaGrid-Northeast-Bank-Customer-Customer-Success-Story.pdf

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