Nov 24, 2:52 PM

Were growing. Become our new Project Manager! http://bit.ly/2gEcQ7M

Nov 18, 11:46 AM

Join our team! We're looking for a Data Analyst! http://bit.ly/2fLFsbs

Mar 31, 0:10 PM

Hey! We are looking for a distributed computing (java) enthusiast to join an interesting side project. It is about building a distributed data processing cluster composed of many client computers, each of them working on solving a small portion of a large problem (somewhat similar to the distributed system used for alien hunting by SETI@Home project). Users contributing their computer resources get rewarded (financially or with karma points, TBD). What needs to be developed is a mechanism for distributing the portions of the problem between many client computers, including: - task queue management (assignment based on client computer performance metrics and time dedicated to problem solving) - algorithms need to be developed. - communication between the server and client computers; - secure data exchange (data encryption, etc) - needs to be thought through and implemented; - assignment of rewards to users contributing computing resources. If you feel this is for you - PM or drop us an email to hello@exacaster.com.

Feb 6, 0:49 PM

Today Exacaster was recognized as the most advanced high-tech services business in the country by a star-studded jury, winning the Knowledge Economy Company 2014 award. On behalf of Exacaster team, our CEO Sarunas Chomentauskas and Chief Data Scientist Egidijus Pilypas humbly accepted the prestigious award from the hands of H. E. President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskait during the ceremony held at the Presidential Palace this afternoon. Champagne! and then back to work! :)