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Everspin Technologies is a public semiconductor company that develops and manufactures magnetic RAM or Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM), including stand-alone and embedded MRAM products. The company was formed in June 2008 as a spin out of Freescale Semiconductor, and it went public with an IPO in October 2016. MRAM uses the magnetism of electron spin to provide fast and enduring non-volatile memory. MRAM stores information in magnetic material that is integrated with silicon circuitry to deliver the speed of RAM with the non-volatility of Flash.[citation needed] Everspin is considered to be the worlds first volume MRAM supplier and established an MRAM intellectual property portfolio of more than 600 active patents and applications, many of which are fundamental and essential for MRAM technologies including MTJ-based products.[citation needed]


Market Cap$101.9 million
Revenue$49.4 million
Net Income-$17.8 million
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