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Everett Clinic

Everett Clinic

Sep 30, 3:00 PM

How have you cultivated stilllness & calm this week. Use the weekend to breathe. It's important for your health. http://bit.ly/2wcY2W0

Sep 23, 3:30 PM

#UrgentCare Walk-Ins make it easy! Find one close to you with little to no wait. http://bit.ly/2aBdGyd

Sep 22, 7:01 PM

Join the team in #Bothell! Seeking RNs, MA-Cs and Reception Teammates! Apply now http://bit.ly/22zWVnE

Sep 17, 8:00 PM

From our house to yours #GoHawks! 12th Man banner posted high above the Gunderson Building.

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