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Ernest Packaging Solutions

Ernest Packaging Solutions

Mar 7, 4:28 PM

The Cardboard Delivery Drone is preparing for take off! NEW on the blog. An innovative way to drop essentials, this one-way delivery system is ready to save time and maybe even save lives.

Mar 6, 6:26 PM

Good news Monday!! We are thrilled to be included in Cartonlab's community of cardboard designers in the U.S.! Check it out:

Mar 2, 8:08 PM

A lesson for innovators and problem solvers from the one and only ... Dr. Seuss! #DrSeussDay

Mar 2, 6:20 PM

The ocean is calling! And sustainable packaging is heading to the beach! TODAY on the blog! Procter & Gamble aims to release the first fully recyclable shampoo bottle made with beach plastic: