Jul 7, 3:40 PM

8 efficient electrification technologies that can provide health and safety benefits to commercial and industrial facilities - http://ow.ly/BQ6f30drbkb

Jul 3, 4:15 PM

The APPrO Power Memory Project wrote an article about EPRI's Integrated Grid Initiative and how it is aiming to bridge the gap between distributed resources and the bulk power system, encouraging the use of smart technology to deliver benefits and opportunities that would not have been possible without new, integrated approaches. Read the article: ow.ly/P4ac30dhtbg Find out more about the Integrated Grid: integratedgrid.com

Jun 29, 2:35 PM

EPRI's CEO and President, Mike Howard, addresses how EPRI should respond and prepare to deal with threats to our power systems. Read the full EPRI Journal Viewpoint article here: http://ow.ly/ajq530csrPQ

Jun 27, 5:34 PM

Don't forget to look for EPRI at Hydrovision in booth 502 June 27-29 in Denver! Come visit our booth to ask questions and talk to us about the recent white paper in our previous Facebook post on the important R&D gaps facing the hydro industry.