Enviva Holdings

Jul 21, 6:15 PM

Did you know? The Souths working forests produce more than half the nations timber and one-sixth of the worlds wood supply http://bit.ly/2nhEAOr

Jul 20, 7:49 PM

Today, were releasing our latest Track & Trace data, which enables us to provide transparency about every truckload of wood that comes to Enviva. This latest data confirms that Envivas sourcing practices are encouraging sustainable forest management in the Southeastern U.S., with forest area and inventory continuing to increase where we operate. For more information about Track & Trace and to explore the data, please visit: http://bit.ly/2tKEp1x

Jul 3, 3:15 PM

Have you ever wondered where Enviva got its name? Its derived from the Latin words for life (vita) & to live (vivere), and En is a commonly used acronym to refer to energy and the environment. The name represents Envivas commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Jun 27, 4:15 PM

In the U.S., sustainable forestry is working. Did you know there are 20% more trees now than there were in 1970?