Jul 3, 3:15 PM

Have you ever wondered where Enviva got its name? Its derived from the Latin words for life (vita) & to live (vivere), and En is a commonly used acronym to refer to energy and the environment. The name represents Envivas commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Jun 27, 4:15 PM

In the U.S., sustainable forestry is working. Did you know there are 20% more trees now than there were in 1970?

Jun 16, 3:30 PM

Enviva invests in people across the entire supply chain from forest to ship. Thats why it values operational excellence and safety at its facilities. Learn more about Enviva's manufacturing operations here: http://www.envivabiomass.com/manufacturing-operations/operational-excellence/

Jun 14, 6:55 PM

In the first quarter of 2017, the UK biomass fleet operated at 95% of full capacity and generated a record 4.4 TWh. Meanwhile, coal use dropped providing only 6% of the countrys electricity. http://bit.ly/2rVllNw