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Envision EMI, LLC is a privately held, for-profit education company that, as Envision Experience, creates, markets and runs a number of youth leadership programs under various names. The company develops curricula for, markets, manages, and produces a variety of educational experiences, including leadership and career-oriented education programs, for elementary school through college-age students. The company is based in Vienna, Virginia and runs its organizations' programs across the world. Critics have accused the company of recruiting students by claiming that attendance is selective, when the company actually markets its programs to tens of thousands of youth. In 2009, the company attracted 15,000 youth to events related to President Barack Obamas inauguration, but was unable to fulfill the promises it made in its promotional materials. It settled a lawsuit, promising to pay out up to $17 million in vouchers to event attendees. The company was originally founded as Envision EMI in 1985 by Barbara Harris and Richard Rossi. As of 2010[update], neither were affiliated with the company. Envision Experience plans, organizes, and runs seminars, programs, and conferences around the world. As of 2006, the predecessor company Envision EMI had over 200 staff members and annual revenues of over US$75 million, with over 47,000 students from fourth grade through college attended Envision programs around the world.