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Environment America is a federation of liberal state-based environmental advocacy organizations in the United States. The organization researches and advocates for environmental policies through lobbying and the mobilization of public support. Environment America advocates new laws and policies to address climate change, and is a proponent of clean energy. It opposes offshore drilling. On November 5, 2007, Environment America separated from the state Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG) and announced its intent to take control of the organizations national environmental advocacy program. The federation combined several small, state-based advocacy groups that had separated from the U.S. PIRGs earlier in the year. As a result of the separation of the organizations, the PIRGs’ scope of work was defined as consumer and social justice issues while Environment America became responsible for the group’s previous environmental work. Environment America works to publicize and gain support for controversial environmental challenges in the United States. Their areas of interest include the use of renewable energy sources, climate change, water pollution, air pollution, fossil fuel dependency, environmental conservation, and offshore drilling. The organization releases reports on topics such as wind energy policy, the presence of mercury in contaminated fish, companies’ compliance to the Clean Water Act, energy efficient buildings, extreme weather in the U.S., precipitation rates, fuel efficient cars, and levels of carcinogens in waterways.
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