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Cal Poly Engineering

Cal Poly Engineering

Jul 27, 5:31 PM

Hear more about Cal Poly students' discovery of the wreckage of a rare World War II-era plane near Malta this summer. Cal Poly Engineering graduate student Sam Freed and computer science Professor Zo Wood describe an "experience of a lifetime" in an interview aired on KCLU, a Southern California NPR affiliate station. Listen: Read more: Tribune story: #WWIIplanes #AUV #maltahistory

Jul 20, 4:42 PM

Cal Poly Aero professors Rob McDonald and Jordi Puig-Suari are each quoted in current issue of AIAA's Aerospace America magazine -- Dr. McDonald in a story on electric planes and Dr. Puig-Suari on cubesat propulsion. #CubeSats #ElectricPlanes @calpolyaerodepartment

Jul 27, 9:30 AM

Teen Vogue "I wanted a good engineering school that was close enough to home but out of arms reach.What makes it my dream school are the beautiful hills that it sits in, the spectacular weather, and the warm community of people. Read more:

Jul 31, 1:32 PM

It's WHO you are, not WHAT you are -- that's GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving's message to up-and-coming engineers and other professionals. Inc. story: Commencement talk:

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