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EnergyCAP is a family of energy management and energy accounting software products, used for tracking, managing, processing, reporting, benchmarking, and analyzing utility bills and energy and sustainability information. EnergyCAP also interfaces with the EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager. EnergyCAP is available in client-server, web-based, fully online, and desktop versions. EnergyCAPs history dates back to 1980. In response to a growing demand for energy management software when PCs were in their infancy, Steven D. Heinz founded Omnicomp, Inc. in 1980 and launched the development of EnergyCAP predecessor FASER Energy Accounting. FASER was first commercially released in 1982 for utility bill verification, tracking and reporting, and the calculation of the cost avoidance attributable to energy management activities (also called Measurement & Verification). The City of Denver also uses this software to track energy usage throughout their parks system. FASER became widely used by retail chains, government, universities, school districts and property managers. By the mid-1990s, FASERs thousands of users tracked an estimated five million bills a year valued at $2 billion. FASER and Omnicomp were purchased by Enron Corporation in 1996. Following Enrons bankruptcy in late 2001, Heinz acquired the energy information assets and launched Good Steward Software, which was renamed to EnergyCAP, Inc. in January 2010. The team developed a new line of energy efficiency software products called EnergyCAP. EnergyCAP, Inc. is an Energy Star Partner of the Year.