Enel North America

Enel North America

Enel North America

Mar 3, 2:00 PM

For the contribution to the creation of a large Italian company able to open the global markets for the Italian industries. The jury of the Management delle Utilities e delle Infrastrutture (Utility and Infrastructure Management) magazine awarded our CEO Francesco Venturini Manager of the Year. #enelgreenpower Find out more: http://enelgreenpower.it/-venturini-manager-year

Mar 2, 2:30 PM

Hawaii: from tropical paradise to renewables paradise. We've become global partner of and strategic advisor to Energy Excelerator, a leading American incubator for clean energy start-ups based in Hawaii. #enelgreenpower Find out more: http://enelgreenpower.it/-energy-excelerator

Feb 28, 2:41 PM

Providing education in order to acquire a profession, achieve higher independence, promote gender equality and support the proper community. The great commitment of the Barefoot College was recognized once again by becoming the thirteenth best NGO worldwide, according to the annual ranking provided by NGO ADVISOR. #enelgreenpower

Feb 24, 2:15 PM

The announcement of the discovery of 7 exoplanets by the NASA is one of the most important news of the last years. Life may have evolved 40 light years away from earth in the new solar system, which has been detected also thanks to the Chilean Observatory La Silla, supplied by our photovoltaic system. Find out more: http://enelgreenpower.it/-silla-chile