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The Encoding Control Notation (ECN) is a standardized formal language that is part of the Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) family of international standards. ECN is designed to be used along with ASN.1, and each ECN specification (a coherent set of encoding definitions) is explicitly related to a particular ASN.1 specification (a coherent set of type definitions). The ECN standard is published by both the ITU-T and the ISO, and is officially named ITU-T Recommendation X.692 | ISO/IEC 8824-3, Information technology – ASN.1 encoding rules: Specification of Encoding Control Notation (ECN) . ECN supports the formal specification of non-standard encoding rules for ASN.1 type definitions, and is intended to be used whenever it is necessary to use encodings that differ from those provided by standardized encoding rules such as BER or PER.