Mar 6, 4:16 PM

Consumers (human tendencies) havent dramatically changed b/c of screen time. We will still share something if its of value. The delivery of marketing messages is what needs to evolve to keep pace. @briansolis #digitalmarketing #marketingmonday #mobilemarketing #socialmediamarketing #marketinglife #digitalmarketers

Feb 23, 4:01 PM

Greatness is marketing that enables your customers to feel smart. Give Knowledge. Add Value. Win. @jchernov #emfluential #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #marketinglife #marketingquotes

Feb 22, 8:22 PM

Youre gathering data, but do you know what to do with it? Join our Marketing Director Natalie McAllister Jackson on 2/28 to hear her take on the future of where we keep data and how we can put it to good use at this month's American Marketing Association Kansas City lunch. REGISTER: https://www.amakc.com/blog/2017-digital-trends-predictions/

Feb 20, 10:02 PM

Marketing automation has helped marketers connect on a personal level with their customers, but what happens when you automate your voice out of the equation? Join our Content Coordinator Alex Boyer on 2/28 for a lunch with American Marketing Association Kansas City Chapter to hear when content should be automatedand when it shouldnt. REGISTER: https://www.amakc.com/blog/2017-digital-trends-predictions/