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Elanex, Inc. commonly known as Elanex, is a translation services company based in San Francisco, California, USA that provides localization, translation, and interpreting services. Elanex primarily provides professional human translation, managed by an advanced internally developed technology platform. They primarily serve the High Technology, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Energy, Retail, and Merger and Acquisitions/M&A industries. The company, noted for their virtual operations providing global coverage, was founded in 2002 by Jonathan Kirk, has operations in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Washington, New York, New York, San Francisco, California, USA; Tokyo, Japan; London, England; Sydney, Australia; Montreal, Quebec, Canada;. In June, 2012, Elanex launched expressIt: a rapid response translation service that marries the best of professional human translators with AI-guided automatic workflow. In September, 2014, Elanex launched VeriFast(tm): a service that combines machine translation with expert human verification. Building on Elanexs automation and workflow technologies, it enables large volumes of content to be quickly translated and reviewed for accuracy.