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Lakeview Center

Lakeview Center

Mar 7, 1:51 PM

Pam Walker leads the team working on our GCE contract at NAS Pensacola. GCE employs people with disabilities and at times life can be difficult to manage, but Pam has a history of stepping up to help her team at work and off hours. The Baptist Health Care system recognized Pam as a Legend for her compassion and service. Watch the video and access the brochure to read her full story at Thank you Pam! We appreciate you so much!

Mar 7, 4:22 PM

This Wednesday we will kick off a series of discussions named Community Conversations on Mental Health. Tune in to WEAR TV3 for the program "Dayside" at 11 a.m. Our clinical director, Dr. Josephs, will be interviewed starting at 11:15 a.m.

Feb 3, 6:02 PM

Bethany Powel from the Lakeview HR team met with people during a recruitment event at Pensacola State College today. Thanks Bethany for letting our community know about Lakeview jobs! It's a great place to work.

Feb 3, 8:41 PM

Lakeview Center welcomes a new Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Grace Francis. Grace will treat adult clients at Lakeview Center performing clinical evaluations, creating treatment plans, prescribing medications and monitoring the effects of treatment in patients.