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Ekso Bionics Holdings Inc. is a company that develops and manufactures powered exoskeleton bionic devices that can be strapped on as wearable robots to enhance the strength, mobility, and endurance of soldiers and paraplegics. These robots have a variety of applications in the medical, military, industrial, and consumer markets. It enables individuals with any amount of lower extremity weakness, including those who are paralyzed, to stand up and walk. The company's first commercially available product is called Ekso. Ekso Bionics is the original developer of HULC, now under military development by Lockheed Martin, and the current developers of Ekso, which allows wheelchair users to stand and walk. Ekso was selected as Wired magazine's number two "Most Significant Gadget of 2010", and was included in Time magazine's "50 Best Innovations of 2010". Ekso Bionics was also featured in Inc. magazine as one of "5 Big Ideas for the Next 15 Years".


Market Cap$45.8 million
Revenue$10.3 million
5 Year Trend+0.2%
Net Income-$14.5 million
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