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Enterprise Electronics Corporation or EEC is the worlds oldest and largest manufacturer of commercial weather radar systems. Based in Enterprise, Alabama in the United States, EEC has designed, manufactured, tested and delivered over 1,000 Weather radar systems to over 90 countries around the globe. EEC offers a full spectrum of weather radar systems, including S Band, C Band, and X Band. In 2013, EEC further expanded its product line offering by acquiring the weather satellite ground station division from the Australia-based Environmental Systems & Services Pty Ltd company (ES&S). EECs motto is Protecting People and Assets. Founded by a small group of radar engineers in 1971, EEC first made news in 1974, when production of cavity magnetron and klystron commercial S and C Band weather radars began. Soon after this, EEC was selected by the US National Weather Service to deliver 160 WSR-74 radar systems to replace the older models across the country. Following this landmark project, EEC rapidly expanded its operations, becoming the standard around the world for commercial weather radars. EEC’s research and development also laid the path numerous weather radar innovations, many of which are still in use today. EEC has a long history of firsts in the weather radar industry, including, but not limited to:
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