East River Electric Power Coop

East River Electric Power Coop

East River Electric Power Coop

Feb 23, 9:14 PM

Get the most out of your commercial lighting system by following these steps: - Clean lamps and fixtures at least once per year to maximize light output. - Establish an ongoing maintenance program that emphasizes group relamping and proper disposal. - Consider automated lighting controls (where appropriate) to save energy and use lighting only when needed. - For your next lighting upgrade, design a lighting system that meets the specific needs of the building occupants and optimizes the available space. - Remember that environmental conditions can impact the performance and lifespan of lighting systems. Fluorescent lamps, for example, often don't perform as well in cold temperatures.

Feb 20, 5:40 PM

Happy Presidents Day! Which four presidents were born in February?

Jan 4, 5:27 PM

Clay-Union Electric Corporation & Basin Electric Power Cooperative are at the Dakota Farm show today to share the importance of electrical safety on the farm! Stop by our booth!

Dec 25, 3:25 PM

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Your Coop Power! Have a safe and warm holiday weekend with friends and family.