Feb 1, 2:49 PM

10 years ago, E-STET was founded by an immigrant who believed that technology could make the law more efficient. Since then, E-STET has grown into a diverse team of engineers, lawyers and entrepreneurs from the United States and abroad who all share the same vision. See what we''re doing to stand with those affected by the recent ban at (Photo source: LA Times)

Jan 18, 7:39 PM

Need a quick and easy way to perform defensible #eDiscovery collections from new media, like @slackhq, @zendesk and #confluence? Join our upcoming webinar as we show you how to automate the eDiscovery collection process. Sign up at

Sep 26, 2:04 PM

Shout out to @korosidoesit for biking from #SF to #LA! Congrats! #bigsur

Aug 31, 3:15 PM

E-STET 2016 company retreat!