Dutch Farms

Dutch Farms

Dutch Farms

Mar 3, 7:34 PM

Have you had Mush? A Midwest favorite, our gluten free, preservative-free corn mush is a perfect addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner! To make this delicious breakfast, we sliced the Mush, pan fried it in butter, and topped it with maple syrup! It's so easy!

Mar 1, 6:51 PM

Stop by Fairplay Foods this week to snag some great deals on Dutch Farms cheese! American singles for $0.99, shredded Mozzarella and Cheddar (the classics!) for $0.99. See you there!

Feb 25, 2:48 PM

Good morning, sunshine! Here's some lemon crumb muffins from Baked by Rachel to brighten your Saturday! Recipe: http://bit.ly/2jck0Cb

Feb 23, 5:00 PM

Fajita grilled cheese? My oh my... you have to give this one from Isabella Eats NYC a try. It's loaded with veggies and mozzarella cheese. Recipe: http://bit.ly/2j8zW8j