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Jul 27, 11:51 PM

It''s only 9 o''clock, and the party is jump in'' jump in''... get you over to the Queercon party!

Jul 27, 6:28 PM

People have been asking us about where to find these shirts all weekend! If you want one of your own, listen up for how to get two chances two chances: get to the DEF CON 101 n00b party at 6:30p, or the QueerCon VIP Kickoff party at 8:30p! Duo''s a proud sponsor of both events, and we''ll have shirts for you!

Jul 27, 2:10 PM

Duo''s Black Hat Recovery Breakfast: Wendy Nather, Josh Yavor, Adrian Sanabria, and Alex Hutton dropping knowledge... with a side of breakfast burritos.

Jul 27, 1:43 PM

BeyondCorp = new way of thinking about security & trust. Part two of Wendy Nather''s white paper puts it in context: duo.sc/beyond-part2 #DuoBeyond

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