Duo Security

Duo Security

Duo Security

Sep 28, 11:21 PM

And we close out the week with the Ignite celebration at Universal Studios. Finally got to visit Hogsmead and Diagonal Alley! Thanks for a great event, #microsoftignite2017

Sep 27, 10:48 AM

Im a self-admitted Star Wars geek, but Im not entirely sure what one would do with a life size stormtrooper, much less a $5000 one. Whats the best swag youve picked up from a conference?

Sep 26, 10:22 PM

Hosted another successful customer dinner to wrap up the day! One of my favorite parts of working at Duo is how close we are across teams as colleagues and friends. We had marketing, product, sales, and customer success represented here. Signing off for the night. Catch yall tomorrow! #weareduo

Sep 26, 3:50 PM

Last year, my engineering team and I flew up to Redmond for a private meeting. We had to keep pretty hush hush about the partnership, so it was a thrill to publicly announce our Azure Active Directory integration. Pretty neat to have Microsoft demo our product on stage at #microsoftignite

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