Duck Duck Moose

Duck Duck Moose

May 24, 2:01 PM

We''re getting ready to kick off the summer season with Get Outdoors Week on Wizard School. Check out our challenges to learn about national parks, create cloud art, or paint the Grand Canyon. Wed love to hear your ideas for outdoor inspiration. Lets go exploring! Photo credit Wikimedia Commons.

May 14, 0:38 AM

Sending Happy Mothers Day wishes and gratitude to all of the moms who are raising little helpers. Thanks for all that you do! #mothersday #mothers #moms #appreciation #gratitude #littlehelpers #patience #love #care #duckduckmoose #kidsapps #kidsactivities

Apr 21, 1:39 PM

Amazing eco-friendly green house designs are being created by kids in Wizard School this week. Learn more about recycling, conservation and environmental engineering during our Earth Week Extravaganza! Open Wizard Schools challenges to find out how YOU can inspire environmental awareness. It''s time to Go Green!

Apr 14, 2:17 PM

Happy National Dolphin Day! Open Wizard School to find our Save a Dolphin Challenge. Learn about these amazing marine mammals and the dangers they face from human activities. Then, make a poster to teach a friend about dolphin conservation. (Image source Wikimedia Commons)