Duck Duck Moose

Duck Duck Moose

Mar 9, 5:37 PM

Were having a blast during Space Week on Wizard School. Meet the first woman in space, make Mars talk, ponder Pluto, and create your own solar system. Dont forget to share your discoveries while exploring the universe!

Mar 1, 2:09 PM

Draw and Tell is celebrating 5 years on the App Store! Draw and Tell is a creative expression app where children can create a scene and then talk about their drawing. Choose from crayons, paint brushes or colored pencils. Embellish with stickers, papers and patterns! Once the drawing is complete, bring it to life with an original voice recording. Draw and Tell is FREE on the app store thanks to our partnership with Khan Academy. Learn more about our apps on the #linkinbio - Have fun!

Feb 24, 6:27 PM

Aquariums give us a glimpse into the underwater world. If you could build an aquarium, which type would you build? Would it be a small goldfish bowl, a large freshwater tank, or a gigantic glass aquarium full of sharks? Open Wizard School to the Build an Aquarium challenge and get your ideas flowing. Links to all Duck Duck Moose educational apps in bio. Have fun!

Feb 17, 2:41 PM

We are preparing for Around The World week on Wizard School by making maps. Have you ever made a map? Open the app to learn about different types of maps, then create your own with your favorite locations. We''d love to see your view of the world!


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