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Dlight design

Mar 7, 4:45 PM

RT @dlightKE "Just a quick reminder that we are open in Uganda! Get in touch with us to find out more. @dlightUG #cleanenergy #BrighterFuture #dlight "

Mar 1, 8:01 PM

With the amount of new hires that will be joining our team in the coming year, [Unreasonable Impact US] has inspired me to build a culture of learning, not just outcomes, at d.light that empowers everyone to innovate. We also have to take risks to innovate, and the winter program was no exception. Ive certainly never zip-lined into a freezing lake before! - d.light CPO and co-founder, Sam Goldman. http://ow.ly/oJqV309a70l

Feb 27, 5:45 PM

Businesses can be instrumental in tackling poverty through sustainable and scalable ways, and d.light is one example of a socially focused company working to change the lives of millions. Learn more about how we're contributing to the creation of a better world in @elpais! http://ow.ly/C5SX309f3pa #EndEnergyPoverty

Feb 23, 0:40 AM

Deep customer knowledge, flexility and patience are some of the factors that enabled us to successfully bring clean, safe and affordable solar to off-grid families in developing regions of the world. In this article, Paris Tech Review details what it takes to build a thriving business in emerging markets and the pitfalls to avoid. Read on!: http://ow.ly/CJ8D305OWBa #EmergingMarkets #SocEnt