3 Interactive Media

3 Interactive Media

3 Interactive Media

Aug 29, 10:24 AM

Looking for internships or full-time positions after graduation? Stop by our booth at Mizzou outside of Fisher Auditorium in Gannett Hall from 10AM-1PM today for more info! #workdivd

Aug 28, 6:00 PM

Who has the best employees? Div-D! How do we show our appreciation? A day of laser tag, bowling, and all-you-can-eat buffets! #livedivd #kcdivd #comodivd

Aug 24, 5:25 PM

Our #chicdivd office shared some of their literature love with a book swap this week! #bookworms #snackattack #theresapageturner

Aug 23, 1:38 PM

Our #ncdivd office bonded while packaging up food for those in need- thank you @FoodBankCENC for allowing us to give back to such a great community! #NoOneGoesHungry