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Digimarc Corporation, a publicly traded technology company and inventor of several patented innovations, provides enterprise software and services for banking, retail, media, entertainment, publishing and several other industries.

Digimarc is perhaps best-known for its digital watermarking technologies, part of a global series of more than 1,100 issued and pending patents. Digimarc’s tools enable the reliable, efficient and automatic recognition of objects and many media formats, a technology category known as automatic identification and data capture or "discovery." Many of Digimarc's algorithms are modeled on aspects of human cognition and sensory perception.

Based on these principles, Digimarc invented Digimarc Barcode, a machine-readable code that is imperceptible – nearly invisible and inaudible – to people. The company also provides Digimarc Discover software for detecting the information stored in the Digimarc Barcode. The technology can be used with several forms of content, including product packaging and other physical items, printed material including photographic images, and audio.

Digimarc's products and services are in the areas of security, digital rights management, advertising and media monitoring and measurement, interactive publishing, content delivery, manufacturing quality control, mobile and embedded systems software development, digital commerce, inventory management, and product packaging. Digimarc partner companies that license its technologies have developed many related applications.


Market Cap$591.6 million
Revenue$23.9 million
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+1.6%
Net Income-$32.5 million
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