Jul 13, 2:13 PM

Is the future of manufacturing in in-house 3D print farms? Read the blog here to learn more:

Jul 11, 7:07 PM

Frustrated by long lead times and excessive design iterations? Reduce your number of physical prototypes by virtually validating your ideas before they get to production. Learn more here:

Jul 6, 3:03 PM

What does brewing beer have to do with SOLIDWORKS? More than you might think! Watch this video series and learn how SOLIDWORKS Electrical relates to brewing beer, and how it can help you when designing components and equipment for a brewing system.

Jul 4, 3:05 PM

A hot beer on a hot day is a real problem. To avoid this party foul during your July 4th celebration, watch this video and see how SOLIDWORKS Simulation is used to determine how long your beverage will stay cold during an afternoon barbeque! Watch the video here: Have a safe and happy 4th from DesignPoint!