Delaware Electric Cooperative

Delaware Electric Cooperative

Delaware Electric Cooperative

Mar 2, 1:19 PM

Temps were in the 70s yesterday, and now we may see a dusting of snow tomorrow morning. Winds are also gusting to 55 mph, scattered outages are likely throughout the day.

Mar 1, 6:10 PM

From the National Weather Service: A line of severe storms is moving across central Maryland and Virginia, they'll be over Delaware in a few hours. There is a risk of damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. A severe thunderstorm watch has already been issued for all of Delaware.

Feb 28, 2:12 PM

A large swath of the country is facing a severe weather threat tomorrow, including all of Delmarva. High winds and damaging hail are possible. As always, we'll be standing by to respond to any outages!

Feb 24, 1:04 PM

It's unusual for February, but there is a slight chance of severe storms across the area tomorrow as a strong cold front moves through the region. The areas shaded in dark green have the best chance of seeing strong storms. Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!