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The Decurion Corporation is an American corporation with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It is the parent company of Pacific Theatres and ArcLight Hollywood. Founded in 1946, Decurion is a privately-held. Although the company has been centered in the movie exhibition business, it has also operated and invested in many other businesses and continues to do so today. Decurion’s current portfolio consists of four primary businesses as well as a number of other operations. ArcLight Cinemas represents a new concept in enhancing and extending the movie-going experience. Pacific Theatres, the oldest of the company’s businesses, was at one time one of the country’s largest regional movie exhibition companies. Robertson Properties Group (RPG) is a leading real estate development, acquisition, leasing, and property management company. The assisted living business (a new venture) enables the elderly to have a developmental experience in the last years of their life.
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