Jul 9, 2:20 PM

Savvy executives realize that without the right vendors and a strategic plan in place, effectively managing a complex supply chain is nearly impossible. There is significant opportunity for procurement solutions providers to deliver an in-depth application that focuses on Supplier Performance Management. Learn how to leverage the Internet of Everything (IoE) to develop strategic supply chain management solutions that deliver unprecedented business value:

Nov 24, 3:57 PM

Calculating the ROI on social media programs can be an elusive target. If you are evaluating the effectiveness of your social media marketing and customer service programs and are looking for ways to trim the fat, and build efficiencies into your processes, try our new Social ROI calculator which will show you how to increase revenue & reduce costs. Start 2015 with a greater understanding of where to optimize agent staffing, training, customer service management and your social customer service systems.

Jul 9, 3:02 PM

Are you facing the challenge of squeezing more OPEX savings out of your manufacturing process & reducing your work-in-process inventory, while raising the throughput of your factory? Download the FREE white paper, Improve Operational Efficiency with Collaborative BI at, & find out how innovative global companies are using new techniques in BI & cross-functional team optimization to: Generate increased management efficiencies up to 50% Drive down manufacturing OPEX by 15% or more Reduce work-in-process inventory by 75% Reduce emails, phone calls & meetings by 70-90% This white paper, developed with our partner Chateaux Software, will show you how to bring measurable benefits to your organization by using these new methods to develop solutions that solve your business challenges.

Jun 23, 3:06 PM

The Business Application and Research Center (BARC) review of Decisyon 360 says Decisyon's combination of BI & planning, with extensive collaboration functionality & the ability to trigger various operational systems makes it unique in this space. This detailed product review covers the technology & functionality that sets Decisyon apart, & which leads our customers to report benefits such as: 25-35% reduction in time for planning processes 60-100% improvement in management efficiencies Up to 100% improvement in data quality Download a free copy of BARCs report: