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DB Networks is a privately held Information Security company founded in the United States. The company provides enterprise database security equipment, software, and service. The company’s headquarters are in San Diego, California, and regional offices are located in Palo Alto, California and Seattle, Washington. DB Networks was founded in United States in 2009 to provide database security including database infrastructure assessment, compromised credential identification, and SQL injection defense, predominantly to the financial services industry and federal government. The company was initially financed by Angel investors. In 2012 the company raised $4.5M in venture capital from Khosla Ventures. In 2014 the company closed a $17 Million round of funding led by Khosla Ventures and Grotech Ventures. The companys first product, the ADF-4200, was launched in February 2013. Also in February 2013 the company announced a partnership with Alamo City Engineering Services (ACES) to offer its products to the US Military and civilian federal agencies. In October 2013 the company announced the IDS-6300, later renamed DBN-6300, originally as a SQL injection defense and database infrastructure security product.
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