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Day Translations is a global translation services agency headquartered in New York City, providing translation, localization, voice-over, subtitling and interpreting services in all languages to businesses and individual clients. Day Translations was started in 2007 and developed into an international translation agency with offices in the United States, UAE, India, Japan and the UK. Day Translations works with a global network of more than 8,000 translators and interpreters providing services to Apple, Pfizer, Dow Chemical, American Airlines, J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank of America. Day Translations was founded in 2007 by Sean P. Hopwood while he was holding down another full-time job as one-person Spanish translation company in Tampa, Florida. (although the headquarters are now in New York City). Hopwood named the company after his grandfather Francis Day, who was one of the people who most influenced his life and personality. As an ex-marine officer, Day was a disciplined man and instilled old-fashioned values in Hopwood. Being the child of a Lithuanian immigrant and a Francophile mother, his passion for languages was fomented from a very early age and started learning Spanish at the age of eight, while growing up in the small town of Bartow, Florida. Despite growing up in a rural area with a population of less than 15,000, he surrounded himself with other cultures and languages. Hopwood would listen to tapes in Spanish and Thai, he surrounded himself with a diverse set of people, and diversity has always been one of his main passions. As his mother was an English teacher, Hopwood would hone his English skills by entering poetry and spelling competitions. Hopewood attended the University of South Florida graduating with masters degree in Business Administration (MBA). Hopewood knew "he wanted to run a small business on a global scale." Speaking seven languages himself and many of which he learned on his own. Hopwood consulted the University of South Florida Small Business Development Center and met with experts there for guidance with marketing and accounting. He worked with International Trade Expert Maria Clara Yepes, also a University of South Florida graduate, to take his business idea across the globe. Hopwood was convinced that learning languages is not only essential to the success of his own company, but a must for entrepreneurs who want to create an international business.