Dec 1, 6:32 PM

Come visit us at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas! We'll be in booth 2424 in the Expo Hall Nov. 29 - Dec 1. Stop by, grab one of our popular "Make Data Great Again" hats, and get a demo of the only solution on the market that can discover sensitive data in Amazon Redshift, RDS, and S3!

Oct 28, 8:07 PM

The most dramatic change to data privacy regulation in decades takes full effect in just 18 months. Learn what you need to know now to prepare for the GDPR in our latest blog...

Oct 28, 7:31 PM

Dataguise helps you get cloud-ready by finding sensitive data in all your on-premises data repositories and then protecting it via masking or encryption. Learn more in our new eBook:

Oct 28, 7:29 PM

Maintaining compliance with the GDPR at the enterprise level is a complex endeavor that begins with understanding sensitive data and its location, access, and application. Dataguise DgSecure, with its advanced element discovery and security solutions, is vital to this understanding. Learn more in our new eBook!