Dannon Co Inc



Oct 3, 7:19 PM

This month, we're contributing up to $500,000 from proceeds to American Cancer Society as part of the NFL's A Crucial Catch Program, supporting #NFLPink. Go to www.Dannon.com/ACrucialCatch for detail on how to help.

May 3, 8:47 PM

Our priorities for sustainable agriculture focus on animal welfare, soil health and carbon sequestration, water use and quality, biodiversity, carbon and energy. #YogurtThatCares >> Discover more on www.dannonpledge.com

Apr 27, 1:31 PM

Today were really happy to share our pledge to make more progress forward on sustainable agriculture, naturality and transparency. #YogurtThatCares >> Discover more on www.dannonpledge.com

Apr 2, 11:05 PM

Reinvent a classic? We did! Our new lowfat yogurt is better than ever - made with creamier yogurt, delicious fruit, and quality ingredients.