Dale Carnegie Training

Dale Carnegie Training

Dale Carnegie Training

Jul 31, 11:53 AM

#Repost @haileybayne (@get_repost) I have had the privilege of partaking in the Dale Carnegie ""Immersion Course"" to further my career and personal development. - - I am truly grateful, and beyond humbled to have received these two awards today - - ""Outstanding Performance"" & Dale Carnegie''s - ""Highest Award For Achievement"" (If he were still alive, this is the award that he himself would hand out to this day, and has been awarded since 1912) - it is a true honor to have received this - - One of my speeches I gave touched base on why I stopped singing. It had been 7 years since my last performance, and with the outpouring support from this amazing group, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and shared a song that I hold very close to my heart. - Thank you for this experience and amazing opportunity. #Georgia #GeorgiaOnMyMind #RayCharles

Jul 24, 0:03 PM

#Repost @mateus_rossi_ (@get_repost) Formatura do Dale Carnegie! dia de agradecer! Ao Trainer Danilo, aos queridos colegas de treinamento por compartilhar suas histrias de vida, aos Assistentes Graduados e a minha famlia! Dale! Pra finalizar uma frase: "" O entusiasmo a dinmica da sua personalidade. Sem ele, qualquer habilidade que voc possuir ficar adormecida."" - Dale Carnegie #dalecarnegie #thinkandthank

Jul 15, 3:28 PM

#Repost @dagbjorteinars (@get_repost) gr tskrifaist g af 8 vikna #DaleCarniege nmskeii etta er bi a vera trlega krefjandi og skemmtilegt verkefni. etta bara byrjunin hj mr og tla g a halda fram a gra sjlfri mr og fara t fyrir gindarammann ! Eins og jlfarinn minn sagi ert leitogi ! a er bjart yfir mr, framtin er bjrt og allir vegir mr frir

Jul 15, 3:26 PM

#Repost @gabriellemonteirop (@get_repost) S h um luxo verdadeiro: as relaes humanas. E aps 12 semanas de entrega, na formatura do Treinamento de Relaes Humanas e Comunicao Eficaz, de Dale Carnegie, ter ganho este trofu s reafirmou meu propsito de transformar vidas. A saudade j grande. Mas nunca me afastarei deste grupo maravilhoso e nem de Dale Carnegie. #dalecarnegie #relacoeshumanas #desenvolvimentopessoal #coaching #gratido #coachingforlife #rh